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GoldMine Workflow Analysis

As part of any larger GoldMine CRM Implmentation or GoldMine Review Othello Consultants would usually undertake a Workflow Anaylsis and produce a detailed report.

Our experiences CRM Consultant will evaluate your Workflow and speak with the relevant users and managers to discover both how your current business processes work and how they may be improved upon with a comprehensive CRM Solution.

The aim of this CRM Workflow Analysis is to enable us to design a CRM System that takes into account all of your current business needs, those areas in which you want to improve and most importantly use our considerable experience gained from delivering successful CRM Solutions to hundreds of other organisations for more than ten years to suggest improvements and new ideas that you may not even have considered before.

Our Workflow Report will then detail our findings and propose a CRM Solution.  This will include a more detailed quote for areas such as data import or integration with other systems as well as any other new requirements identified. The Workflow Analysis Report will detail a blue print for the CRM Implementation which will only proceed once it has been agreed by yourselves. It may also highlight areas which are not suitable or realistic for a CRM System so you can make an informed decision.