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GoldMine Consultancy

Our team of GoldMine Consultants have a combined experience of more than 25 years implementing GoldMine Solutions for hundreds of different businesses across nearly every industry and organisation type. This wealth of knowledge allows us to efficiently and effectively configure GoldMine so that your business can make optimum use of its functionality. Even a single days consultancy, training or review could make a real difference to your company's GoldMine Solution and maximising your investment.

Should you exceed the limits of the GoldMine package then we can even create bespoke external databases that link back to GoldMine and can be accessed by staff or customers via the web.

No matter what your needs, if GoldMine is the right product for you then we will be able to assist. If we don't think that GoldMine can reasonably meet your requirements then we would rather you knew this early on than waste money and valuable time on a solution that is not suitable.

Whether you are new to GoldMine, already a customer of Othello Consultants, or have purchased GoldMine elsewhere, please do contact us if any of the following are of interest:

  • Workflow analysis to understand your business and enable tailoring of GoldMine
  • Installing and configuring GoldMine Corporate Edition and GoldMine Premium Edition
  • Automating as much of GoldMine as possible via external instructions or Automated Processes.
  • Setting up synchronisation for remote users with GoldSync (software included with current GoldMine versions)
  • A GoldMine review with recommendations on how configuration and user processes can be improved.
  • Enabling remote internet access to GoldMine (requires additional software)
  • Trouble shooting new or ongoing problems with GoldMine
  • Trouble shooting GoldSync (it really does work if set up and administered correctly!)
  • Bespoke database solutions linked to GoldMine with web access

To speak to one of our consultants, please call 020 7741 0627 or email