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Stonefield Query

Stonefield Query for GoldMine is a flexible query and reporting tool designed with the GoldMine user in mind. It has a simple "wizard" interface. 

In addition to running pre-defined reports, you can create your own "quick" reports in just minutes. Simply select which fields to report on from the list of available GoldMine fields (full English descriptions as you've defined them, even for user-defined fields) and you're done! You don't have to know complex stuff like join conditions; Stonefield Query for GoldMine takes care of all the hard work for you.

The Stonefield Query Advantage

  • No more petitioning IT to create the reports you need right now, on your schedule, not theirs.
  • No more waiting in the support queue; reporting is a snap with the wizard.
  • Learn how to use Stonefield Query in less than an hour.
  • See only the information you need.
  • No need to know what a join is, let alone how to set one up; it's all been done for you.
  • More time for golfing or spending quality time with family and friends.

Using Stonefield Query's simple "wizard" interface, anyone can generate attractive, informative reports in minutes without needing complex report writing skills.

Choose from "quick" (row and column style) or cross-tabulation (data analysis) reports, or create your own customised layout with the Advanced Report Designer.

You can print or preview a report, or export the report to Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PDF, HTML, XML, and many other formats.

Othello Consultants are a Value Added Reseller for Stonefield Query in the UK and highly recommend this solution as a cost effective way to create reports from your GoldMine data.

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