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GoldMine Administrator Training

Othello Consultants' GoldMine Training Courses are delivered by our expert GoldMine Consultants, all with a minimum of 8 years specialist GoldMine CRM Training experience. You can be confident that your GoldMine Trainer will be able to answer any questions that you may have and will usually be able to suggest ways of making better use of your GoldMine Investment. Our GoldMine Training Courses will usually take place at your premises. This allows users to train on their own customised GoldMine Solution with meaningful configuration and data.

GoldMine Administrator Training Course Target Audience

This GoldMine Training Course takes place over one day and is targeted at two types of GoldMine System Administrators: Firstly ‘Super Users’ – regular users of GoldMine need to be able to perform more advanced functions such as importing data and updating fields on groups of records when an account manager leaves for example .

Secondly those in a more traditional IT role within a business that would be responsible for the SQL database, Installations etc.

Both will need to have a prior working knowledge of some of the GoldMine End User and GoldMine Advanced Training topics and would usually provide first line support to the standard users.

GoldMine Administrator Training

  • File & Record Structure
  • Installing GoldMine to Networked PCs
  • Installing GoldMine Integration Services for Microsoft Outlook (GISMO)
  • Installing the GoldMine Link to Microsoft Word
  • Creating and Administrating Users and Configuring Groups
  • Setting Admin Level Preferences
  • Configuring Toolbar Settings
  • Creating Macros
  • Maintaining Lookup Tables (Pick Lists)
  • Changing Field Labels
  • Creating New User-defined Screens & Fields within GoldMine
  • Defining Details
  • GoldMine Email Rules
  • Server Agents
  • Importing / Exporting Data
  • Data Manipulation Tools
  • Globally Updating Records
  • Finding and Merging Duplicate Records
  • Deleting Records
  • Territory Realignment
  • Maintaining GoldMine
  • SQL Maintenance Plans
  • SQL Backups

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Bespoke GoldMine Training

Othello Consultants are happy to provide a Bespoke GoldMine Training Solution, which may be a combination of any of the standard GoldMine Training Courses, or advanced skills for developing and administrating your GoldMine Solution that don’t appear on any standard courses. Please view more details of our Bespoke GoldMine Training from the menu on the left or contact us to discuss you exact requirements.