GoldMine Hotline Phone
020 7741 0627

GoldMine Support Services

Our GoldMine Support team of GoldMine professionals have a minimum of eight years technical experience of installing, configuring and Supporting GoldMine CRM Software.

For customers with a current GoldMine Support agreement, most issues are resolved within a few minutes of speaking to a GoldMine Consultant. Only experienced Goldmine Consultants deal with your Support queries (not the trainees that are used by some companies).

If you have a current GoldMine Support agreement then you may Log a Call, access downloads or email  Alternatively call us on 0207 741 0627. Othello Consultants use Teamviewer for approved remote control of your desktop to resolve issues.

If you want to know more about GoldMine Support from Othello Consultants or to renew your existing agreement, please telephone one of our  team on 0207 741 0627 or email


Join A Remote Support Session

To allow remote access for an Othello support representative please click on the button below to run the support application:

TeamViewer for Remote Support Remote Support