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GoldMine Corporate Edition



Powerful CRM and Contact Management Software from FrontRange Solutions

GoldMine Corporate Edition 7.5 is an evolution of the original GoldMine software (GoldMine Business Contact Manager) that has been a leading mid-market CRM Solution since 1989.   This is the final jump in this product range from the previous GoldMine Corporate Edition 6.7. GoldMine Corporate Edition versions 7 and 7.5 are still supported however they have been superseded by GoldMine Premium Edition version 9.x (Currently 9.0.46).

Existing GoldMine Corporate Edition customers can still purchase additional licenses (RRP £395, Annual Maintenance £89/license)

However Othello Consultants strongly recommend that new customers evaluate GoldMine Premium Edition Version 9 and existing GoldMine Corporate Edition Users consider an upgrade at a discounted rate.  GoldMine Premium Edition is significantly improved offering with a totally new interface and great features such as Universal Search and Management Dashboads. Strangely the superior GoldMine Premium Edition is slightly cheaper than GoldMine Corporate Edition! (License prices are the same but annual Maintenance is £10 cheaper).



GoldMine Corporate Edition Included Software:
  • Microsoft SQL Workgroup Server
  • GoldSync
  • Crystal Reports
  • GoldMine Links for Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word and Excel )
  • GISMO (GoldMine Integration Services for Microsoft Outlook)



GoldMine Corporate Edition Internet Access

Go-Global and iGoldMine are just two of the options available for web/remote access to GoldMine Corporate Edition.

Deployment via Terminal Services and Citrix are also possible



GoldMine Corporate Edition Annual Maintenance

Annual Maintenance is £89+VAT per license/year and ensure that you are entitled to all updates as they become available (these tend to be limited to compatibilty updates for the latest Server operating systems and new version of Microsoft Office).  



GoldMine Corporate Edition Installation

Requires Microsoft SQL Server experience to install and GoldMine expertise to configure for best results. A professional implementation is strongly recommended.